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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Katy Perry: Trouble with Tokio Hotel

My Thoughts on this: Get over it Katy! Its been years and she's still on that issue.
I dont wanna talk about her previous Berlin concert also attacking TH with that same song bec it feels lame. I dont wanna say Katy isnt famous enough to make noise and steal some attention by cheap means... I just hope she becomes woman enough, classy and nice to just accept, let go and move on..

I knew this long before.. but i choose not to put the subject here on my blog cause i wanna keep this light and enjoyable, but since its all over the papers (again!!) so might as well, have my say on it too.. and i love my TOMMI and i can also say im PROTECTIVE about him. Talking about it may not do much of protection, but its a way of saying - I DONT THINK ITS RIGHT and I DONT THINK THEY DESERVE THAT.


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On bravo Magazine's latest issue


Katy Perry: Trouble with Tokio Hotel

Text at the picture with the VMA: In 2008 Tokio Hotel snatched the VMA for "Best Newcomer" from under Katy Perry's nose

"Tokio Hotel are gay!" – "Katy is a diva!"
How stars are arguing

The Tokio Hotel-fans are pissed off. Katy Perry offended their favourites. The event happened a few days ago at the Singfest Festival 2010 in Singapore. The 25-year-old dissed in her song "I can't believe I fell in love with Tokio Hotel. You're so gay and you don't even like boys." Cheeky!
Especially because the TH-boys Bill, Tom, Georg & Gustav stood on the same stage – Katy knew, that the band would hear. And it's not the first time that the US-singer charges at the four boys from Magdeburg. She's especially gunning for frontman Bill Kaulitz. Again and again she dedicates the song "Ur so gay" to him. But why is she so mad at the singer? Suspicious: Since the show of the Video Music Awards 2008 in Los Angeles Tokio Hotel seems to be a battleground for the pop-lady. Back then, Katy Perry lost against the four in the category "Best Newcomer". She doesn't seem to have coped with this defeat since today. Bill, on the other hand, acts cool: "What Katy does, isn't nice. But she is just a weird person. We've already met her a couple of times and she always acted like a little diva.", the 20-year-old reveals. "But there are many superficial persons in the music business."
Peng! That hit home! Sounds like: Clear the ring for round two in the star-duel! (Translation by TokioHotel-Info)


sheesh WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING BOUT KATY PERRY! we should let this go already

Why does Katy Perry bitch so much about Tokio Hotel?

Everything started at the MTV Video Music Awards 2008 in Los Angeles: Tokio Hotel snatched the award for "Best Newcomer" from under Katy Perry's nose. The singer still hasn't coped with this defeat and since then she insults the Magdeburgers in her song "You're so gay".

At the beginning of August Perry and the boys of Tokio Hotel met at the Singfest 2010 in Singapore. Bitch-Highlight: Katy sang on stage: "I can't believe I fell in love with Tokio Hotel. You're so gay and you don't even like boys."

Perry just put the band name of the Magdeburgers in the song – because the original lyrics are actually: "I can't believe I fell in love with someone who wears more make up than me…"

Awkward: Shortly before Tokio Hotel rocked the stage. But heartthrob Bill is uninhibited by this attack: "What Katy does, isn't nice. But she's just a weird person. We've already met here a couple of times and she always acted like a little diva.", the "Bravo" quotes the 20-year-old popstar.

Also fans of the band don't have much time for Perry's allusions. "They are too good for her – and such things just make it clearer.", wrote Melanie from Michigan in the forum of "tokiohotelinternational.com", and also the user "Mariana&Tom" only has mockery for her: "Poor Katy, she's a bit traumatized."

Translation by TokioHotel-Info


  1. I think it's because she doesn't want to her already lost 15 mins of fame. She really doesn't have any room to bash other bands when she isn't that talented. She can't get over the fact that someone better won to her. I am glad that TH beat her oh so many years ago. She needs to grow up and learn that people win and people lose, it's a part of life and there isn't much you can do about it.

  2. Well, I think that Katy P actualy has a lot of talent, I WAS a fan of her...BUT, as a TH fan, I am very upset about this! She has no right to bash them that way! She is such a SORE LOSER! I really think she should keep her opinions to herself 'cause by doing this, she's just gonna lose fans...like me. People will also lose respect for her.

  3. Oh my, I didn't know that I sounded so harsh, haha. But yeah I used to be a fan, but recently she has been bashing a lot of other people, and it's getting really annoying. Yeah, in the end it will come to bite her in the rump. Because she used to be good, but I guess it's what fame does to some people on how they act.

  4. katy perry is being a bitch talking about tokio hotel that way. she is just jeaolus that she cant be as sexy and good looking as bill and tom are and also that they have way better music then she does. :D ya thats right katy eat it

  5. this is what tommi said about it during the oct 7 Gernmal Gala intverview posted here.. incase u guys missed it http://allthingstomkaulitz.blogspot.com/2010/10/tom-interview-gala-magazine.html

    "Tom: Oh, the good one is obviously still annoyed, that we snatched away the MTV-Music award as "Best Newcomer" in 2008. But the gay-bashing wasn't meant to be serious. We already met backstage and everything was fine."

  6. What I find most funny about her insults to them is the fact that she wrote a song about kissing a girl. And she still has the hide to go about saying TH is gay etc; clearly she's too far up herself to actually realise what she's saying. I love the fact Bill said she's a weird person - although I believe that's putting it lightly. In my opinion, she's losing fans and thinks that by bashing other artists it'll get her back to the top; I hope Tokio Hotel and any other band/artist can cut her down to size - she needs to know her place isn't where she wants it to be. *cough*bitch*cough*

  7. I guess she proved ppl wrong, and today as in those days she can say and joke what she wants.